Reflecting on home and my time in Colorado….

My first real blog entry and a few weeks behind schedule, but has been heavy on my mind so I wanted to open with some reflection….

A lot has been going on in my life. I spent the weekend in Breckenridge a few weeks ago, a nice getaway to the mountains before embarking on a big road trip I’ve been planning some time now. I’ve been working to simplify many things in my life to give me freedom to hit the road and enjoy visiting new places and meeting new people. After 25 years, I’ve reduced my role with my company. And with that, it got me thinking of the meaning of “HOME” and what and where that is. I’ve lived in Colorado (Fort Collins) for the better part of 30 years now. And it has been all I’ve known for so long that it is definitely home to me. And I can always say it will always be a place I call “HOME”.

But over my weekend in Breckenridge, I reflected on the bigger meaning of that and its relation with time and people… I’ve been mountain biking the Colorado Trail in Breckenridge/Frisco since I first bought a property in Summit County, 15 years ago. And during that time, I’ve witnessed so many changes to the forest and the mountain towns. When I first started riding, the forest was heavy with healthy growth and tall pines. Than came the beatle kill, which slowly killed and grayed the forest. And this was followed by many large tree clearings in the forest which at the time really upset me. I thought I’d never see the forest healthy again.

The next few years, I noticed that the clearings gave way to mountain views that I’d never seen before. And saplings were quickly starting to grow through the fallen pines. Than this last weekend, I noticed that the forest had mostly regrown in many of the areas in just a short period of 8 years or so. Already there were aspen groves and healthy 10 foot pines starting to fill in the trail. The beauty I thought was ruined had in fact just changed and went a new direction. In just over a decades time, the forest had adapted to a hard situation and rebuilt itself from the ground up.

So – it got me thinking about all the changes and adaptations that I’ve been going through. Over that same period of time, I’ve spent so many memorable times with old friends, new friends, and random people who’ve come and gone. I’ve gone through hard times in business and with the loss of loved ones. I’ve spent time with my family and loved ones in the mountains, sharing my new home, and learning about their new experiences. I’ve been alone, and I’ve spent time with people I love. Most of those people are still in my life, some are gone, and so many new people have come into my life over these years.

And it hit me, that’s just it…. What really makes HOME to me is the people in my life, and the experiences I share with them. And no matter where I am in the world, I can always come home. So as I hit the road, I realize that the people I love will always be in my life. They will always be there when I need them.

“HOME” is not an address. “HOME” is not Past, Present or Future.

“HOME” is not something you can buy. “HOME” is not something you can sell.

“HOME” is time shared with friends and loved ones…

My new Blog….

This new page will be a great place for me to document and share my new experiences on the road as I enjoy new adventures and capturing so many fun memories. I have so much fun planned for the coming year and am excited to kick things off. Please check back soon as I will be starting my new adventures in Mid June 2017…. George